Modifiers are special boosts that are available on the fourth event slot on weekdays, except for the Power Cubes that can also be obtained by destroying Boxes on Showdown.


  1. 1. Power Cubes
  2. 2. Meteor Shower
  3. 3. Energy Drink
  4. 4. Robo Boss
  5. 5. Healing Mushrooms
  6. 6. Life Leech
  7. 7. Graveyard Shift

Power Cubes

Brawl Stars

Power Cubes can mainly be obtained from destroying Boxes on Showdown, but the Robot Boss also drops a couple of Power Cubes once destroyed.

The Power Cube increases the health and damage of your Brawlers by around 10%.

Meteor Shower

Gameplay - Modifiers | Brawl Stars

Meteors rain down on players. They can fall anywhere on the map, and they deal 2000 damage to any Brawlers they hit while also destroying walls. Meteors also end any attack a Brawler is using.

Energy Drink

Gameplay - Modifiers | Brawl Stars

Deals more damage and move faster. This does not last very long so make the most of it. As the match goes on, Energy Drinks will begin to spawn increasingly frequently.

Robo Boss

Gameplay - Modifiers | Brawl Stars

A Robo Rumble boss occasionally spawns and attacks Brawlers, walking toward the nearest one even if they are hiding in a bush. It does not have the rockets attack and its melee attack deals less damage.

Healing Mushrooms

Brawl Stars | Gameplay | Modifiers |

On Showdown a large ring of Mushrooms randomly spawns on the map. When inside its radius, the Brawler will quickly regain life. The amount of heal is exactly the same as the poison clouds, meaning you can remain inside the clouds without losing health when inside the Healing Mushroom radius.

Life Leech

Gameplay - Modifiers | Brawl Stars

This item has been removed from the game.

You constantly lose little bits of HP. Hit/kill enemies or use a healing attack/Super/star power to heal. Killing enemies restores all your HP. Damaging enemies restores half the damage you dealt with.

Graveyard Shift

Brawl Stars | Gameplay | Modifiers |

Available during Brawl-lo-ween, it works similar to the retired Life Leach. You lose about 1% od life per second. Damaging enemies restore your life. Killing an enemy fully restores your life.