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Gadgets are unique abilities available to every single Brawler.


  1. 1. Unlocking Gadgets
  2. 2. Using Gadgets
  3. 3. Gadgets vs. Star Powers

Unlocking Gadgets

Once a Brawler reaches level 7, you can unlock the Gadget with Coins on the Shop or you unlock them through from Brawl Boxes for free.

Using Gadgets

Brawl Stars | Gameplay | Gadgets |

Gadgets are special abilities that must be manually activated during battles.

It might sound similar to Super Attacks, however, you can only use gadgets a limited amount of times during the game.

Once you have unlocked the gadget, a green button will show up on the game so you can activate it. After using, there is a 5 seconds cooldown before you can use it again.

The use of gadgets are limited to 3 times on each game.

You can't use gadget while carrying the ball on Brawl Ball and some Brawlers have a minimum or maximum range to activate them.

Damage from gadgets do not count to charge you Super.

Gadgets vs. Star Powers

Star Power is a special ability that is used for the entire battle by the Brawler.

Gadgets are special abilities that must be activated during Battles, similar to the Super Attack, but they are limited to 3 times/battle and recharge by themselves in 5 seconds.