This event is no longer available on the game.

Brawl Stars | Events | Takedown |

"Make more damage against the Boss than the other players. The more damage you make, the higher you will rank in the match."

Takedown was an event from the regular Brawl Stars rotation.


  1. 1. Gameplay
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Brawl Stars | Events | Takedown |

This event features 10 players solo game mode, similar to a free-for-all, where all players fight against each other and also against an AI-controlled Boss Robot.

The main objective, however, is not to kill enemy Brawlers, but cause damage to the Boss Robot.

This event features Power Cubes modifiers. They are randomly spawned on the map. The bot occasionally drops Power Cubes, similar to the Boss Fight event. For this reason, it's interesting to kill enemy Brawlers to prevent them to accumulate to many Power Cubes.

Players killed respawn on the edge of the map. Defeated players also drop some Power Cubes just like in Showdown (maximum dropped cubes is capped to 5).

The boss will activate its shield immunity when it takes too much damage, forcing Brawlers to attack other Brawlers.

The Player's current position information is hinted in the top right corner.


Brawl Stars | Events | Takedown |
Boss with the shield activated

The score is based only on how much damage you've to the Boss Robot. Killing enemy Brawlers do not affect the score.


The event ends when the Boss Robot is killed and the player who deals the most damage to the boss wins the game.

If the Boss Robot is not killed, the event will end in 8 minutes.