Brawl Stars

"Siege and destroy the enemy's IKE assembly turret! Your team also has an IKE: feed it bolts, and it will assemble a powerful Siege Robot to fight for you."

Siege is a game mode introduced on the March 2019 update. It is a mix of Heist and Gem Grab and on this article we will explain how is works!

Brawl Stars Siege Game Mode Explained
This you the Vault of your team. It has a turret on top (very powerful). The circle shows the range of your turret.

The main objective of the game is to defend your Vault and destroy the Vault of your enemy. Similar to Heist, but with many, many cool changes.

Each team has a vault with a turret on top on their side on the map. This turret is extremely powerful, so it's basically impossible to any team attack the vault with only the regular Brawlers. You need the help of your Robot, and here is where the game starts to get VERY interesting.

Brawl Stars
Bolts spawn on the center of the map. Controlling this area is the most important thing on the game.

On the center of the map random bolts will spawn. You must collect them to build your own Robot. This Robot will help your team to push an attack and destroy the enemy vault.

If both teams has the same amount of bolts at the end of the 60 seconds period the robot will not spawn and no bolts will be used. This can result on a massive Robot coming on the next round, with over 30 bolts, basically and instant victory.

Brawl Stars

Understand the stats is crucial to you and your team: 68% is the health of your vault. Your team has a single Bolt. 2:54 is the current time of the game, and in 14 seconds a new Robot will spawn.

Brawl Stars
A massive level 32 Robot attacking my vault. :(

The level of the Robot is based on the amount of bolts used to build it. If your team has 10 bolts, you will get a level 10 Robot.

A single Robot spawns every 60 seconds to the team that collected more bolts. If you have 7 bolts and the enemy 5, your 7 bolts will be used to spawn an ally robot. The enemy will remain with the 5 bolts and will be used on the next round, after 60 seconds.

Brawl Stars
Enemy vault destroyed. Victory!

The games usually last much longer than the other game modes, sometimes around 5 minutes. For this reason it gives you DOUBLE trophies, rewards, and XP!