Present Plunder


This event is no longer available on the game.

Brawl Stars | Events | Present Plunder |

"Grab gifts from the opposing team and bring them to your base! Match ends when one team has captured two gifts, or when time runs out."

Present Plunder was an event from the regular Brawl Stars rotation, available during the 2019 Christmas.


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Brawl Stars | Events | Present Plunder |

This event starts with each team featuring a present on their side of the map. The objective is to steal the opponent's present and bring it to your base.

It's similar to Brawl Ball except that there are two presents, so both teams can score at the same time. It's like Capture the Flag mixed with Brawl Ball.

Just as Brawl Ball, you pick a present simple by touching it. While carrying the present you can't shoot, but you can throw the present, including over walls. You can use your Super Attack to throw the present farther.

If a present is dropped in the middle of the map a countdown will show up. If no one picks it up, the present will return to its original spawn point.


Brawl Stars | Events | Present Plunder |

Once a team steals the enemy present and brings it to its own base, the team scores a point.


The first team to score 2 points wins the game.

The event lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If by the end of the period no team score 2 points, the team with more points wins the game. If the game is tied, there is a 1 minute of overtime.


This was a temporary event added only during the 2019 Christmas.