Lone Star


This event is no longer available on the game.

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"Collect Stars by defeating enemy players. Every time you defeat an enemy, the bounty on your head increases by one Star. The one with the most Stars when the clock runs out wins."

Lone Star was an event from the regular Brawl Stars rotation.


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Lone Star is an event based on the Bounty and Showdown events. It consists in a free-for-all match, with no teams, mixed with the bounty system of the Bounty event.

Every time you kill an opponent you get an extra star to your Brawler, this is the "bounty" prize for your death. Every player starts with a 2 star bounty and the limit is 7.

This event features 10 solo players and different from the regular Showdown, defeated Brawlers respawn.

The Player's current position information is hinted in the top right corner.


The winner is the player with most stars at the end.


This event was added in the September 2019 updated and removed indefinitely in January 2020.