Hot Zone


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"Raise your team's flag by staying in the Hot Zone. The first team to raise all their flags to the top wins!"

Hot Zone is an event from the regular Brawl Star rotation.


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Brawl Stars | Events | Hot Zone |

On this event there are two flags with a circle around in the middle of the map, determining the zones.

The objective is to "hold" the zone by keeping a friendly Brawlers inside the radius of the zone. By staying inside, your flag will start to raise.

Every half a second, the zone that's being occupied flag raises slightly. A total of 50 seconds is needed in order to raise a flag to the top.


Brawl Stars | Events | Hot Zone |
Flag on the right is fully raised and there is no point in keeping a Brawler inside the zone

On the top of the screen, you can see the score of the game. To reach 100% you must raise the flags on both zones.

A completely raised flag can give you 50%. Once the flag is completely raised, you will no longer get more percentage for that flag and you must occupy the other zone to reach 100%.

Turrets and pets do not count as Brawlers and will not occupy the zone to give raise the flag.

Having one or two Brawlers inside the zone will not make the flag raise faster.


The match lasts 3 minutes and the first team to fully raise both flags, reaching 100% on the score, wins.

If but the end of the 3 minutes match no one reached 100%, the team with higher percentage wins.