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"The team that grabs and holds 10 crystals to the end of countdown wins! Losing lives will spill grabbed crystals."

Gem Grab is a 3v3 mode where there is a Crystal Mine on the center of the map spawing crystals around every 10 seconds.

The objective is to collect crystals. The team that grabs 10 Gems and holds for 16 seconds wins the battle.

Brawl Stars | Game Modes | Gem Grab | Gameplay

Every Brawler holds the crystals he collected. You can see the number of crystals that each player is holding on the crystal number above their head. When a Brawler dies, these crystals will be dropped on the ground and can be picked up by anyone, including the enemy Brawlers.

Once a team holds 10 crystals, the countdown starts.

If a teammate dies losing enough crystals to take the total amount below 10, the countdown is over.

If both teams have more than 10 crystals, the winning countdown starts to the team that has more.


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