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"Hunt the other team for Stars. More Stars on heads mean bigger bounties. The team with the most Stars wins!"

This is a 3v3, Team vs Team mode where the only objective is to kill as many enemies as possible.

Bounty has its own score system: bounty stars. Every time you kill an opponent you get an extra star to your Brawler, this is the "bounty" prize for your death. Every player starts with a 2 star bounty and the the limit is 7.

Brawl Stars | Game Modes | Bounty | Bounty Gameplay

Once a Brawler is killed, the enemy collects all stars to their team score. All brawlers respawn with a bounty of 2 stars.

The game lasts 2 minutes and at the end of the period the team with more stars wins the game. It is possible to draw.