Boss Fight


Brawl Stars | Events | Boss Fight |

"Can you beat the formidable boss robot?"

Boss Fight is a special event that doesn't show up on the regular rotation, being available occasionally on weekends. Trophies can't be earned or lost on this event.


  1. 1. Gameplay
  2. 2. Winning
  3. 3. Boss Abilities
    1. 3.1. Anger
    2. 3.2. Melee Attack
    3. 3.3. Laser Attack
    4. 3.4. Charge
    5. 3.5. Long-Range Rocket
    6. 3.6. Robot Minions
  4. 4. Boss Stats
  5. 5. Minion Stats
  6. 6. Levels


Brawl Stars | Events | Boss Fight | Furious
A very... FURIOUS robot.

The objective of this event is to destroy a massive Boss Robot. The team consists of 3 Brawlers.

If a player gets killed, he will respawn in 20 seconds - it's a long time, so be careful to stay alive.

The Boss Robot has several abilities that improve over time and as you level up.


You win the match when the Boss Robot is destroyed.

If all three players die at the same time, the game is over, and you lose.

Each time you win this match, the difficulty increases and the robot gets stronger. If you play with friends, the game will use the lowest level from a member of the team.

Boss Abilities


As the fight goes on, the boss becomes increasingly angry which increases the boss' damage output, speed, and the difficulty of dodging his attacks. The boss gets angry based on time, not damage taken.

Melee Attack

The boss punches any target that gets too close, dealing 800+ damage.

Laser Attack

The boss fires a spread of lasers in quick succession that each deal 1200+ damage. After the furious stage, the lasers can break walls, but stop. After the enraged stage, the lasers break walls and keep going. The boss stops using the laser attack when the boss goes god mode.


The boss dashes forward, like Bull, destroying walls and damaging any targets that it hits for 1200+ damage. The boss stops charging when the boss goes god mode.

Long-Range Rocket

The boss fires a rocket at the Brawler who is closest to it, dealing 2000+ damage and destroying walls. The area where the rocket will impact is highlighted so that it may be avoided. Once the rocket hits, the area is engulfed in flames, which deal damage over time to any Brawler that stays in the area.

Robot Minions

Throughout the fight, smaller robots appear to aid the boss. These are the same types of robots as those that are seen in Robo Rumble, though with differing health and damage. These minions are also slightly faster and have a 50 point increase to their Robo Rumble counterpart's movement speed. Mini robots only start to appear once minions start to get angry.

Boss Stats

Boss StatisticsNormalAngryFuriousEnragedGod Mode
Melee Attack8001000120014009400
Laser Attack (per laser)1200140017002000N/A
Long Ranged RocketRocket20002500300035004000

Minion Stats

Minion StatisticsNormalAngryFuriousEnraged
Melee Robot Health / Damage3600 / 2605100 / 4708250 / 60012150 / 730
Sniper Robot Health / Damage1500 / 6302700 / 11303450 / 14505040 / 1760
Mini Robot Health / Damage2250 / 4004050 / 7205175 / 9207560 / 1120


LevelBoss HealthBoss' New Abilities
Normal250,000Melee attack, laser attack, summons regular robots found in Robo Rumble.
Expert350,000Starts getting angry, does more damage, summons purple robots.
Master400,000Long-range Rocket
Insane500,000Starts getting furious, lasers break walls when furious and higher, drops Power Cubes, summons stronger minion robots.
Insane II600,000Starts getting enraged.
Insane III+700,000+Now goes god mode.