Big Game


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"Five Players attempt to defeat one player's BOSS Brawler as quickly as possible!"

Big Game is a special event that doesn't show up on the regular rotation, being available occasionally on weekends. Trophies can't be earned or lost on this event.


  1. 1. Gameplay
  2. 2. Winning


Brawl Stars | Events | Big Game |
Game starting with you as the Boss

In this event, five players will battle against one Boss Brawler in a survival mode.

This Boss is also controlled by a user and has very high health, improved damage output, and enhanced abilities. However, he has a health decay that removes a couple of hundred health every second. For this reason, the max survival time for the Boss is 5 minutes.


Brawl Stars | Events | Big Game |

If you are the Boss, the objective is to remain alive as long as possible. If you are the regular brawlers, you must kill the Boss.

Since the Big Boss loses life over time, the match always ends when he dies and it's impossible to tie this event.

Regular brawlers will respawn, but once the Boss is killed the game is over.

Brawl Stars | Events | Big Game |

The Boss "wins" the mode by surviving 2 minutes. The brawlers win the game by defeating the Boss before 2 minutes.