Brawl Stars Brawl Box

Opening Boxes are the main way to get Brawlers and resources for the game.


  1. 1. Obtaining Boxes
  2. 2. Brawl Box Drop Rate/Odds
  3. 3. Big Box
  4. 4. Mega Box

Obtaining Boxes

Brawl Boxes can be obtained regularly by playing the game and getting Tokens from battles. Once you get 100 tokens you will automatically be rewarded with a 1 Brawl Box that you can open at any time.

Boxes can contain Brawlers (unlocking new ones), Gadgets, Token Doublers, Gems, Power Points, and Star Power.

Once you have a level 9 Brawler (current limit) you will no longer receive Power Points for that Brawlers.

With a maxed Brawler at level 9, there is a 1% chance of obtaining the Star Power on a regular Brawl Box. This information has been confirmed by Supercell developer Frank on his Twitter.

Brawl Box Drop Rate/Odds

ItemDrop Rate
Token Doubler3%
Rare Brawler2.6928%
Super Rare Brawler1.2096%
Epic Brawler0.5472%
Mythic Brawler0.2496%
Legendary Brawler0.1008%
Star Power1%

Big Box

Brawl Stars | Big Box

The content of this box is similar to 3 Brawl Boxes.

Mega Box

Brawl Stars Mega Box

The Mega Box can be purchased on the shop for 80 gems, but it will occasionally be offered on sale for 49 gems. It awards roughly the same thing as 10 Brawl Boxes.