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June Balance Changes Announced: Big Game, Jacky and More!


June Brawl Stars Balance Changes

Hello Brawlers! Today Supercell announced several changes to many Brawlers and the Big Game.

The change in this event will make the game much shorter, decreasing the overall time of the battle. This was an expected change as Tickets are now over and you can play this game mode as a regular event on weekends.


  1. 1. Balance Changes
  2. 2. Optional Update

Balance Changes

Here are all changes announced:

  • Big Game
    • Reduced Big Brawler's health by 20 000
  • Carl
    • Increased Main Attack damage from 600 to 660 per hit
  • Max
    • Increased Main Attack damage from 300 to 320 per bullet
  • Mr. P
    • Increased Health from 2900 to 3200
  • Nani
    • Increased Main Attack reload speed by 10%
  • Tara
    • Increased Health from 3200 to 3400
  • Bibi
    • Decreased Health from 4000 to 3800
  • Brock
    • Decreased Health from 2800 to 2600
  • Gene
    • Decreased Lamp Blowout charges from 3 to 2
  • Jacky
    • Decreased Pneumatic Booster charges from 3 to 2
    • Fixed a bug where Robots did not attack the Safe in Robo Rumble when players were hiding behind a Sprout wall
    • Fixed a bug which prevented playing Big Game after reaching 20 wins in the game mode
    • Fixed a bug which prevented playing a Challenge if the player had 4 losses from a previous Challenge and was in a game room when the Challenge started
    • Fixed a bug which allowed Nani to teleport with the ball in Brawl Ball

Optional Update

Yesterday an optional update was released with tweaks to team invite screen:

  • Tapping the Quest icon in the game mode selection next to Showdown mode now highlights Quests in the Quests log
  • Fixed an issue that caused multiple boxes to be opened when tapping the Brawl Pass tier 60 reward box repeatedly
  • Fixed SCID window being closed upon app suspension
  • Fixed game reloading after being suspended briefly and resumed
  • Fixed game automatically reloading after being logged in
  • Fixed some crashes