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June 2019 Brawl Talk: New Brawler Tick, New Skins and Star Points!


Brawl Stars | Tick

Hey Brawlers! Today a brand new Brawl Talk was revealed announcing many details for the next Brawl Stars update. We have a new Brawler, new skins and much more coming!


  1. 1. New Brawler Tick
  2. 2. New Skins
  3. 3. Star Points

New Brawler Tick

Tick is a metal ball of barely containable energy.

Brawl Stars | Tick Attack

His main attack is throwing proximity mines onto the battlefield that will detonate when enemy Brawlers walks over them or after a short delay.

Brawl Stars | Tick Super

On his super he detaches his head, throws it on the battlefield and it will go homing after enemy Brawlers until it explodes. But if you are on the enemy team you can shoot and destroy that head before it gets to you.

Brawl Stars | Tick Unlock

Unlocking Tick will be fairly easy. He will be free to all players above 4000 trophies on the Trophy Road.

New Skins

Mecha Crow and Mecha Bo:

Brawl Stars | June 2019 Skins

Robo Mike and Robo Spike:

Brawl Stars | June 2019 Skins

Star Points

Brawl Stars Star Points

Star Points is a new currency on Brawl Stars.

Now after a season ends all trophies are reset to 500, and these trophies will become Star Points.

Brawl Stars Star Points Shop

You can spend them on a brand new shop on exclusive items like color variations of skins and other exclusive items.

Brawl Stars | Star Points color skins
Exclusive colors with Star Points