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Optional Update + Carl Release Info


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Hello Brawlers! Today an optional update is rolling out with several bug fixes. But the most important thing the additional info about the new Brawler Carl. He will arrive on the next few days:

"Soon we will be releasing an optional update which includes bug fixes and some improvements. It will roll out to different platforms at different times over the next days, so keep an eye out!"

We will probably get a countdown on the game on the next few days. It's quite odd that iOS and Android will get Carl at different times

Here is the complete change log from today's update:


• Carl ammo indicator is now center aligned

• Use bigger textfield in event details popup if no event modifiers present

• Fix to Pam super effect displaying upside down if playing on the mirrored side

• Added missing outline to gem-grab countdown text

• Siege now shows the Siege Bot health bar in the top hud when Siege is active

• Improvements to spectate in Siege

• Texts fixes and Siege texts improvements

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed trophy icon overlap in battle end screen when 10+ trophies

• Various Crash fixes