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March Update Is Here: New Brawler + New Game Mode Siege!


Brawl Stars

New Brawler: Carl!

Brand new Brawler coming this month, meet Carl!

• Super Rare Brawler

• Main attack: Pickaxe

- Carl has only one ammo slot which is instantly recharged after his Pickaxe returns

- Pickaxe returns to Carl after reaching max distance or after hitting a wall

- Pickaxe pierces through enemies

- Kicking the ball in Brawl Ball does not consume ammo with Carl

• Super attack: Tailspin

- Carl increases his speed and starts to whirl his Pickaxe in a 360 degree radius damaging everyone around him

• Star Power: Power Throw

- Pickaxe flight speed is increased allowing it to travel and return faster

New Game Mode - Siege!

• 3v3 game mode

• Each team has a home base that can defend itself with a cannon, and the goal is to destroy the enemy base

• Each team tries to collect "Bolts" that spawn in the middle of the map. The team that has collected more Bolts will construct a Robo during certain intervals of the game, the team can then help the Robo to push into the enemy base

• Since this game mode lasts longer, there are DOUBLE trophies, rewards, and XP!

• New in-game environment

• 3 New Maps

Game Balance

• Heist - Increased Safe health from 36000 to 40000

• Robo Rumble - After robots enrage in Robo Rumble, they will target the safe

• Showdown - Healing Mushrooms: Decreased the amount of healing mushrooms in the later part of the game

• Increased Brawler item (Gems, Energy Drinks, etc) pick-up radius from 1 tile to 1.33 tiles

New Community Maps!

• Showdown - 4 New Maps

• Gem Grab - 7 New Maps

• Brawl Ball - 1 New Map

• Launch Pads! New interactive map element

New Event Rotation

• Showdown moved exclusively to the 2nd slot, some of the maps have active modifiers

• Siege added to the 4th slot

• Rotation adjusted to include the new maps and Siege

New Skin! (Coming soon!)

• New Brawler Visual effects

• Pam

• Barley

• Penny

• Mortis

• Royal Agent Colt


• Gene Voice overs added

• New Clash Royale birthday menu music

• Lowered Meteor fall volume

• Quality of life improvements

• Ability to sort Brawlers in the Brawler menu and when selecting a Brawler

• Do not Disturb mode - Ability to mute game invites for the duration of the session, can be set from the social menu

Bug fixes

• Fixed a bug where you could not see teammate's respawn timer in Duo Showdown if your teammate died while your spawn animation was playing

• Fixed some in-game hud elements

• Fixed a bug that caused boss to get stuck in the water after charging in Boss Fight

• Fixed a bug where bot Brawlers in friendly game room did not have max power level.

Brawler Balance

• Barley

- Increased main attack damage per second from 640 to 680

- Increased Super damage per second from 640 to 680

• Bo

- Increased main attack damage from 480 to 500

• Gene

- Increased Star Power healing from 100 per second to 200 per second

- Increased Super projectile size from 150 to 200

- Super no longer deals damage

- Super can now travel through walls

- Super now charges 30% faster

- Gene Star Power healing effect is no longer shown to enemies

• Crow

- Decreased main attack reload time from 1.5s to 1.4s

• Leon

- Decreased main attack damage in close range from 460 to 440

- Increased number of shuriken hits needed in close range from 8 to 9 to fully charge up the Super

• Mortis

- Decreased Star power healing from 1800 to 1400

• Pam

- Increased main attack reload time from 1.2s to 1.3s

• Darryl

- Increased Super autocharging time from 20 seconds to 30 seconds