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Beginner's Guide


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars

• Hello Brawlers! On this tutorial I’ll show what the brand new game from Supercell is how it works!


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Goal about to happen on Brawl Ball!

• Brawl Stars is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game from Supercell. In other words, it’s a shooter game with the camera view behind the player.


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Choose your Brawler!

• Brawlers are heroes, troops, characters or champions (not sure yet, you choose) that you select to join battles. There are currently 21 Brawlers to choose from, each one with different skills and special abilities.

• All Brawlers have different skills, type of attack and special abilities (called SUPER).


• On most game modes you are engaged on 3 vs 3 battles, except for Showdown, a free for all mode. Here is the gameplay explained:

Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Gem Grab Game Mode

- Let's start with the controls. The blue joystick (left) is your movement control. The red joystick on the right is your weapon control, use to aim and shoot on your enemies. The yellow skull button is the SUPER, the special ability of your brawler.

- On the top of the screen you can see the game score. This is the Gem Grab mode, the team that holds 10 gems for 15 seconds wins the game.

- On the top of each Brawler you can see number, that's how many Gems each brawler is holding. If he dies, all gems are dropped.

- ChiefTom is my nick.

- Green bar: current life. The life also regenerates over time. If you are about to die, find a safe spot and wait a few seconds.

- The orange bar is how many shots you currently have. On this pic the bar is full, so I can shoot 3 times. Every time you attack the attack bar must regenerate. The regeneration time is different on each Brawler.

- Bubble on the bottom brawler: after spawning you get a shield that lasts a couple of seconds.


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Choose a game to play

• There are currently 5 different game available on the game. There is a game mode rotation, you have 4 options to choose from:

- Bounty
- Brawl Ball
- Gem Grab
- Heist
- Showdown

• There are also two special events on the weekends:

- Boss Fight
- Robo Rumble


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Winner o/


Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Brawl Box

• As you play the game and win battles you will be awarded with Brawl Boxes, Keys, Power Points and Coins. But what are these strange currencies? Here is the short explanation:

Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Keys are a special currency used to obtain Brawl Boxes

1. Once you finish a game you are rewarded with Keys. Winning battles will reward you with more keys.

2. Every 100 keys will give you a Brawl Box.

3. Brawl Boxes are similar to Chests on Clash Royale. You must open the get rewards: Power Points, Coins and unlock new Brawlers.

Strategy Guide - Beginner's Guide | Brawl Stars
Power Points are used to upgrade Brawlers

4. Power Points are specific to each Brawler, similar to Cards on Clash Royale. You must collect them to upgrade your Brawlers, improving their skills.

5. Once you have enough Force Points to the specific Brawler you want to upgrade, you com complete the upgrade using Coins.