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Robo Rumble


Special Events - Robo Rumble | Brawl Stars

"Defend the safe from killer robots! The longer you defend, the better the reward!"

Robo Rumble is a special event (uses Tickets) where 3 Brawlers team up to protect a safe against waves of robots.


  1. 1. Gameplay
  2. 2. Melee Robot
  3. 3. Shooter Robot
  4. 4. Mini Robot
  5. 5. Boss Robot
  6. 6. Robot Statistics
  7. 7. Strategies


Brawl Stars | Events | Robo Rumble |

If a Brawler dies he will respawn in 10 seconds instead of regular 5. The game ends when the safe is destroyed or when you protect the safe for 13 minutes and 14 seconds.

Each wave spawns different types of robots and last 12 seconds. The wave with the Robot Boss lasts 22 seconds.

The Boss Robot spawns on waves 7, 14, 21 and 28. He will not again spawn after wave 28.

Brawl Stars | Events | Robo Rumble |

If the robots are not destroyed after 90 seconds they’ll become enraged and gain extra movement speed.

The maximum number Tokens you can get on this event is 32. This is achieved by surviving for 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Melee Robot

High health and fast attacking speed but short range and slow movement speed.

Shooter Robot

Moderate health, moderate movement speed, slow shooting speed but long range.

Mini Robot

Low hitpoints, short range, medium attacking speed but very fast movement speed.

Boss Robot

Very high hitpoints and damage. The boss robot has a melee attack and can shoot rockets, and one arrives every 7 waves. After a boss robot arrives, all robots after that have increased health and damage, and the “melee robots” will gain the ability to charge after the third boss.

Robot Statistics

VersionMelee Robot Health / DamageSniper Robot Health / DamageMini Robot Health / DamageBoss Robot Health / Damage
Normal4,800 / 2602,000 / 630-45,000 / 1,500
Angry6,800 / 4703,600 / 1,1305,400 / 72055,000 / 1,600
Furious11,000 / 6004,600 / 1,4506,900 / 92065,000 / 1,700
Enraged16,200 / 6006,700 / 1,76010,080 / 1,12075,000 / 1,800
God Mode---85,000 / 1,900


Using "tanky" Brawlers is a good tactic. Pam, Bull and Frank are a good combination to reach 6:15 and get the maximum number of Tokens possible.
Tom 1 year ago
It's always good to go after the Robot Boss as soon as he spawns so you can fight him far away from the safe, making sure he will not be able to shoot at the safe. Just be careful for the next wave, it might come before you destroy the Boss.
Tom 1 year ago