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"Can you beat the formidable boss robot?"

The objective of this event is to destroy a massive Boss Robot. The team consists of 3 Brawlers. If a player gets killed he will respawn in 21 seconds - it's a long time, so be careful to stay alive. If all 3 players die at the same time, the game is over.

The Boss Robot has several abilities that improves over time and as you level up.


  1. 1. Boss Abilities
  2. 2. Game Level
  3. 3. Strategies

Boss Abilities

Brawl Stars | Events | Boss Fight | Furious
A very... FURIOUS robot.

Angry: Once the game starts there is 95 seconds countdown warning when the Robot will get angry. This increases his damage output, speed, and the difficulty of dodging his attacks. It's advised to make damage as fast as possible because the game will only get harder over time.

Melee attack: Regular melee attack, he punches the targets close by dealing a damage of 800+.

Laser attack: The Robot fires a spread of lasers dealing a damage of 1200+. If he is angry, the laser can break walls.

Charge: The Boss "charges", he runs just like Bull's Super Attack. He will knock down Brawlers and goes through walls.

Long-range rocket: The most annoying and difficult attack to avoid. He fires a big rocket on the farthest Brawlers dealing damage dealing damage of 2000+. The target is displayed on the ground, giving some time to run away, but on Insane level the rocket is quite fast and slower Brawlers might have a hard time running away. The area of impact algo burst into flames for a few seconds.

Furious, Enraged, God Mode: As you keep progressing to new levels (Insane+), the the Boss Robot gets getting angrier. He gets "furious" at the 3:10 mark on Insane level. He gets "Enraged" on 4:55 and goes to "God Mode" at 6:35.

Game Level

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The event is always unlocked on "normal" level. If you beat the boss, you automatically level up the challenge, so the next time you play the game it will be harder. There are currently 5 levels and each one unlocks new abilities for the Boss Robot.

The last level, called "Insane", is actually pretty hard and this one keeps progressing (Insane I, Insane II, etc). It's not clear if there is an actual limit, players have gotten to Insane V and it's rumored go to up to level XVI.

Brawl Stars | Events | Boss Fight |

Here are the complete stats and changes to each level:

Level:Boss Health:Reward:New ability:
Normal250,00030 TokensMelee attack, laser attack, summons regular robots found in Robo Rumble
Hard300,00040 TokensCharge
Expert400,00050 TokensStarts getting angry, does more damage, summons purple robots
Master500,00060 TokensLong-range Rocket
Insane+600,000+70+ TokensGet Furious at the 3:10 mark, lasers break walls when furious and higher, drops Power Cubes, summons stronger minion robots.


Higher levels (Insane+) are basically a survival mode. Brawlers will do the damage for a few seconds and will die. To keep the game going, one Brawler must collect all Power Cubes and keep running to survive as the other ones will do most damage. Leon is great to be this one and survive forever. He is very fast (runs away from rockets quite easily) and has the invisible ability to get some time to cover. A great combination is Bull and Colt to do the damage + Leon to be the one running (to survive and get all cubes).
Tom 1 year ago
You must try to kill the Robot as fast as possible so don't waste any time. Over time he will only get "angrier".
Tom 1 year ago
On Insane level it is recommend to let the same Brawler get all Power Cubes. He will be quite strong, survive for a long time and deals lots of damage. The best Brawlers to do this are the ones with huge HP (Pam) or huge damage (Bull, Colt). This player can't die or he will lose all Power Cubes.
Tom 1 year ago
Jessie is a very good Brawler because of its turret. But as you progress on the game, specially on Insane level, she might get killed too often and her turret will not survive for too long.
Tom 1 year ago
On higher levels it's recommended to use Brawlers with more hitpoints. As the game gets harder, low health Brawlers will get easily killed.
Tom 1 year ago