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Gameplay - Keys | Brawl Stars

• Keys are a special currency on the game that is used to open Brawl Boxes.

Obtaining Keys

• 10 Keys are awarded upon tapping on an Event Slot when a new Event has come into rotation.

• Keys are awarded upon completion of a Brawl Event up to a limit. The amount depends on the player's performance during the match.

• 10 Keys are awarded each time a Brawler gains a rank.

• 20 Keys are awarded each time the player gains an experience level.

Key Doublers

Gameplay - Keys | Brawl Stars

• Key Doublers doubles the amount of Keys you get from battles. They can be purchased with Gems and are currently the best Gem cost/benefit of the game.

• This type of purchase is quite interesting, as it feels like a “subscription” once you get used to it. If you want to progress faster, keep buying them every week.