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Brawl Boxes


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• Opening Brawl Boxes is the main way to get Brawlers and items.

• Brawl Boxes can be obtained regularly by playing the game and getting keys from battles. Once you get 100 keys you will automatically get 1 Brawl Box.

• Everyday you can collect a free Brawl Box at the shop. You can also purchase a Big Box for 30 Gems and a Mega Box for 80 Gems.

• Boxes can contain Brawlers (unlocking new ones), Tickets for the special events, Key Doublers, Gems and Power Points.

• Once you reach Brawler to level 9 (current limit) you will no longer receive Power Points for that Brawlers. You will also no longer receive duplicated Brawlers anymore. Once all your Brawlers are maxed out you will receive only coins.