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Super City Rampage


Brawl Stars | Events | Super City Rampage |

"Can you beat the Mega Monster and save the City?"

Super City Rampage is a special event that doesn't show up on the regular rotation, being available occasionally on weekends. Trophies can't be earned or lost on this event.

It will be available for the first time tomorrow (07/07).


  1. 1. Gameplay
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  3. 3. Strategies


Rampage is basically a 3 vs 1 game mode, 3 players vs 1 boss.

Brawl Stars | Events | Super City Rampage |

This event is quite similar to Boss Fight, but the boss is a huge Dinosaur robot that wants to destroy the city.

The main objective is to kill the monster before he destroys the entire city.

The main objective of the monster, however, is not to kill the Brawlers, but destroy the city, so he doesn't attack you quite often unless he is angry.

Brawl Stars | Events | Super City Rampage |

The monster will become angry when its health is 75% in normal mode, 75% and 45% in hard mode, 75%, 45% and 15% in expert mode, 75%, 45%, 30%, and 15% in master mode.


Brawl Stars | Events | Super City Rampage |

The objective is to kill the monster before he destroys the entire city. The robot wins if he kills all 3 Brawlers or if he destroys the entire city.

On the top of the screen you can see the percentage of life of the robot, and the percentage of destruction he already made in the city.

Just as Robo Rumble and Boss Fight, killing the robot will make you progress on the game, making the game harder on the next match.


/ Triple Bo Strategy / When paired up with two other players using Bo (must be level 10 and have “Snare a bear” star power equipped), you can essentially stun lock the boss infinitely. This can be accomplished by each player using their gadget (super totem) in the same place while the boss isn’t angry. This then allows you and your teammates to continually stun the boss using your mines, leaving him locked in place and unable to move. Due to the stacking nature of the super totem’s recharge effect, you will get another super charged before the boss can even move. / Other Info / Try to stagger your mines and don’t fire them at the exact time as your teammates. This will leave less of an opening for the boss to recover, If the boss escapes the stun lock and is angry, stay alive until he has returned to his passive state (DO NOT DEPLOY TOTEMS WHILE HE IS ANGRY). Once he has returned to a passive state, you can restart the setup with a new set of 3 totems. In the event matchmaking only pairs you with one other Bo and not two, Frank can substitute as a third Bo if necessary. He gets his super relatively quickly, so as long as you can keep the boss near the totems, Frank can stun him with his super and keep the lock going. Though not as good as Frank, Bea can serve a role in this team at earlier levels with the slow from her gadget and super. Unfortunately, this strategy will probably see a nerf in the future, most likely in the form of a nerf to Bo’s totem so that it can’t stack with other totems or a nerf to matchmaking to prevent three Bo players from being paired. Use it while you can. Thanks for reading!
Cristoballer 2 months ago