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"Mortis the undertaker puts people in coffins. Despite his spindly frame and apparent years, he moves with surprising speed."


"Mortis creates business opportunities for himself by dashing forward with a sharp swing of his shovel."

Brawlers: Mythic - Mortis | Brawl Stars


"Mortis calls forth a swarm of vampire bats that drain the health of his enemies while restoring his. Creepy!"

Brawlers: Mythic - Mortis | Brawl Stars

Star Power: Creepy Harvest

"Mortis can now see and reap the souls of defeated enemy Brawlers. Collecting a soul restores 1000 of his health."


• Mortis is an Epic, melee, moderate damage and medium health Brawler.

• His main attack is a melee shovel swing, with a small difference from the others melee Brawlers: he jumps toward the enemy. Although the attack is melee, the dash gives him the chance to hit enemies on a small range.

• This also helps him to be fastest Brawler on the game. He already walks a bit faster than normal, and you can also use his attack to travel even faster through the map. It’s very useful to collect Crystals on Smash & Grab.

• His Super is a swarm of vampire bats. The bats will fly on a single direction, dealing damage to the enemies AND healing Mortis. If the bats miss the enemies, Mortis will not be Healed.

• The bats and fairly fast, traveling in a single direction and spreading a little after being released.