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Brawlers: Legendary - Crow | Brawl Stars

"This enigmatic creature just appeared in town one day. Nobody dares to ruffle his feathers - not anymore."


"Crow throws a triple threat of poisoned daggers. Enemies nicked by these blades will take damage over time."


"Crow takes to the skies, throwing a ring of poisoned daggers around him both on take-off and landing."

Star Power: Extra Toxic

"Crow's poison saps the strength of enemies, causing them to do 10% less damage while the poison is active."


• Crow is a Legendary, long range, low damage and low health Brawler.

• On his main attack he throws three quick poisoned daggers in front of him that damage enemies on impact and then deal extra damage over time.

• He doesn’t shot all daggers on a straight line: one goes straight and the other two to the sides. With this feature, he is capable of hitting multiple enemies at the same time. On the other hand, he is not capable of doing much damage to a single enemy.

• While affected by the poison dagger, the enemy is automatically prevented from healing.

• On his Super, the Crow jumps into the air and throws several daggers radially that spread out as they travel. He then glides to his destination, and when he lands, he throws another set of daggers radially. These daggers are identical to the ones Crow uses in his main Attack.

• While flying with his Super he is invincible, making it a great way to run away from the enemies while making damage to them.