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Brawlers: Common - Nita | Brawl Stars

"Nita Littlefoot is the latest in a long line of Tribal shamans. Her spirit animal is the Big Baby Bear."


"Nita sends forth a shockwave, rupturing the ground and damaging enemies caught in the tremor."

Brawlers: Common - Nita | Brawl Stars


"Nita calls the spirit of Big Baby Bear to manifest and maul her enemies."

Brawlers: Common - Nita | Brawl Stars

Star Power: Bear With Me

"Nita recovers 300 health whenever her bear hits an enemy. When Nita deals damage, her bear regains 300 health."


• Nita is a Common, short range, moderate damage and medium health Brawler.

• Her main attack is a short range shockwave that will hit all Brawlers on its way. Although the wave doesn’t spread out as it travels, it is wide enough to make the targeting easy and hit multiple targets.

• But Nita is famously know for her Super ability, one of the coolest on the game: the Big Bear. Yes, she summons a very high health bear as a support troop. The bear will walk towards the nearest enemy and attack as a melee Brawler. This is one of the best abilities on the game.

• Upgrading the Super increases both health and damage of the bear.

• The attack of the bear generates damage to the Nita Super. Yes, the bear can cause enough damage to summon another one! The bear can’t be ignored at all by the enemies, once the he is summoned you KNOW all the enemies will try to kill him.

• Unfortunately, you can’t summon two bears at the same time, the same way Jessie can’t place two turrets at the same time.

• The bear is capable of finding hidden enemies. If you hide on the bushes, the bear will find and attack you anyway.

• If you think that summoning a brown bear is not cool enough, consider buying her skin. Yes, it’s a Baby Panda Bear skin. How cool is this?

• Although I don’t consider Nita the best Brawler on Showdown, I must say the Super is very, very effective at the end when there are only a couple of Brawlers left. If you reach 1v1 with the Super available it’s very likely you will win the Showdown.

• She is quite good on Smash & Grab and Heist (the bear is an amazing offense on Heist). On Bounty her short range might be a problem.

• If you playing offense on Heist, you can thrown the bear directly at the safe. Yes, the bear will target the safe! Since all enemies will do everything possible to kill the bear as fast as possible, you can easily kill them as they are distracted.