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Brawlers: Common - Colt | Brawl Stars

"Town Sheriff and resident hair model, Colt enforces the law with long range accuracy and a mighty fine smile."


"Colt lets his long-range revolvers do his talking for him. He never seems to run out of lines."

Brawlers: Common - Colt | Brawl Stars

• Colt shoots six straight long-range shots out of his revolvers.


"Colt spins his chambers, rattling off a massive burst of bullets that will shred through almost anything."

Brawlers: Common - Colt | Brawl Stars

• Colt rattles a massive burst of bullets that shoot far and destroy cover.

Star Power: Slick Boots

"Colt gets slick new boots that put a spring in his step, increasing his movement speed!"

• Colt's movement speed is increased by a pair of slick new boots.


• Colt is a Common, long range, high damage and low health Brawler.

• He fires very long range shots on his main attack, great for hitting enemies on a long distance. The bullets fly on a straight line and takes a short period of time to fire them all. It takes so long you can actually run while shooting.

• Since each bullet makes little damage, you must hit several of them to make significant damage. Unless your enemy remains stationary, this will be quite difficult. But well, if you do have a great aim and hit several bullets, the damage can be significant, making this a high damage Brawler.

• His Super is similar to the main attack, but the range is even longer and the bullets are capable of destroying walls.

• Hitting enemies hiding behind walls is very fun with his Super.

• Being a low health and long range Brawler, this one is for the players that enjoy staying on the back of the map as a support player, avoiding direct combat. Follow tankier teammates and help them to kill the enemies.

• For this reason he is not really recommended on Showdown, but shows great value on Smash & Grab and specially on Heist, where he can break the walls and hit the safe from a long distance.