Trophies is a measure that shows how good your skills are on the game.

    Obtaining Trophies

    You can win or lose trophies by playing winning or losing matches. If you win 3v3 events or stay survive long enough on Showdown, you will gain trophies.


    Each Brawler has its own trophy count and its own leaderboard. This is the amount of trophies that is taken in consideration on the matchmaking and to calculate how many trophies you will win or lose on the game.

    There is also a general leaderboard with the sum of all Brawlers Trophies. This is the trophy count used on the Trophy Road.

    Trophy Road

    The Trophy Road offers you rewards as you obtain more trophies and reach milestones. You can get free Boxes, Power Points and even unlock new Brawlers with your progress on the road.


    Each seasons lasts 2 weeks and always ends on a Monday.

    When the season is over you will be rewarded with tokens based on your rank.

    Brawlers with more than 500 Trophies will lose 50% of their Trophies above 500.

    On the Trophy Road you can also find information about the season and the league you are currently in.