Tokens and Star Tokens are a special currency used to open Brawl Boxes.

    Obtaining Tokens

    Tokens can be obtained at no cost, just by playing the game:

    • 10 Tokens are rewarded each time a new event is added to the game rotation.
    • 10 Tokens are awarded each time a Brawler levels up.
    • 20 Tokens are awarded each time the player gains an experience level.
    • 10 Tokens are awarded when you lose a game (except Showdown and Siege).
    • 20 Tokes are awarded when you win a game (except Showdown and Siege).
    • Siege is a special game mode. Since it lasts twice the usual time, it rewards 20 Tokens o defeat and 40 on victory.
    • Showdown rewards according to your position. Tokens may vary from 0 (10th place) to 34 Tokens (victory).
    • Tokens are also rewarded on Special Events. The amount may vary according to your performance and the event. The tokens rewarded on these events do not count towards the current cap.
    • Each time a season ends you are rewarded with Tokens as well. The number of Tokens vary according to the number of Trophies you have.

    Token Doublers

    Token Doublers doubles the number of Tokens you are rewarded on the game. They can be purchased with Gems and are currently the best gem cost/benefit of the game.

    Coin Doublers will occasionally be on sale at the Shop. There is also a 3% chance of obtaining it on Brawl Boxes.

    This type of purchase is quite interesting, as it feels like a “subscription” once you get used to it. If you want to progress faster without spending too much money, this is the way to go.

    Token Limit / Exhausted

    Token Counter displays how many Tokens are currently available

    There is a limit to how many Tokens you can obtain at the time. Every 2 hours and 24 minutes 20 Tokens will be added to your Token Counter, with a total cap of 200 Tokens.

    The "Tokens Exhausted" warning means there are no Tokens available on the Token Counter, so you will play only for Trophies. You will still get Tokens for leveling up your Brawler.

    Star Tokens

    Star Tokens are no longer available on the game.

    Star Tokens are a special type of Tokens. You get a single Star Token as a reward for the first victory on each event. On Showdown you must place on the top 4.

    When you collect 10 Star Tokens you can open a free Big Box.