Coins explained: the best way to use, what they are, how to obtain.

    Coins are the main currency of the game. They can be obtained for free and their use crucial to progress on the game.

    Obtaining Coins

    Coins can be obtained through Brawl Boxes and Trophy milestones at no cost at all. Occasionally they might show up for free on the Daily Deals at the shop.

    Coins can also be bought with Gems at the shop.

    Power Points

    You can use Coins to purchase Power Points directly at the shop. The ratio for buying Power Points is 2 Coins per 1 Power Point.

    Star Power

    Once you have a level 9 Brawler the Star Power can occasionally show up at the shop for 2.000 coins.

    Upgrading Brawlers

    Coins must be used to upgrade Brawlers once you have enough Power Points.


    Coins can be used to purchase Gadgets for 1.000 on the Daily Deals at the Shop.