Beginner's Guide

    Hello Brawlers! In this tutorial, I'll show what the new game from Supercell is how it works!

    Introducing Brawl Stars

    Goal about to happen on Brawl Ball!

    Brawl Stars is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game from Supercell. In other words, it's a shooter game with the camera view behind the player.


    Choose your Brawler!

    Brawlers are heroes, troops, characters, or champions (not sure yet, you choose) that you select to join battles. There are over 30 Brawlers to choose from, each one with different skills and special abilities.

    Each Brawler features unique abilities and attack:

    • Attack: the main attack.
    • Super: each time you cause damage with your Attack you charge the Super Attack. Once the Super is used you must recharge to use again.
    • Star Power: once you upgrade to level 9 you can find Star Power to that Brawler on boxes. Star Power is a unique special ability. Each Brawler features 2 Star Powers. When you find a Star Power your Brawler will be upgraded to level 10 and you will be able to play on Power Play with that Brawler.
    • Gadgets: each Brawler has 1 Gadget that can be obtained when you reach level 7. They are special abilities that can be used up to 3 times on each battle.

    Each Brawler has a specific rarity: Epic, Common, Rare, etc. This only changes the odds of unlocking them through Boxes and how easy Power Points can be obtained to the upgrades.


    On most game modes you are engaged on 3 vs 3 battles. Here is the gameplay explained:

    • Let's start with the controls. The blue joystick (left) is your movement control. The red joystick on the right is your weapon control, use to aim and shoot on your enemies. The yellow skull button is the SUPER, the special ability of your Brawler.
    • On the top of the screen, you can see the game score. This is the Gem Grab mode, the team that holds 10 gems for 15 seconds wins the game.
    • On the top of each Brawler, you can see a number, that's how many Gems each Brawler is holding. If he dies, all gems are dropped.
    • ChiefTom is my nick.
      • Green bar: current life. Life also regenerates over time. If you are about to die, find a safe spot, and wait a few seconds.
    • The orange bar is how many shots you currently have. In this picture, the bar is full, so I can shoot 3 times. Every time you attack, the attack bar must regenerate. The regeneration time is different on each Brawler.
    • Bubble on the bottom Brawler: after spawning, you get a shield that lasts a couple of seconds.

    Brawl Boxes and Currency

    Regular Brawl Box

    As you play the game and win battles you will be awarded Boxes, Tokens, Power Points, and Coins. But what are these strange currencies? Here is the short explanation:

    Tokens are a special currency used to obtain Brawl Boxes
    • 1. Once you finish a game, you are rewarded with Tokens. Winning battles will reward you with more Tokens.
    • 2. Tokens go to the Brawl Pass where you can collect rewards, including Boxes, Gems, Brawlers, Skins, and Power Points.
    • 3. Boxes are similar to Chests on Clash Royale. You must open the get rewards: Power Points, Coins and unlock new Brawlers.
    Power Points are used to upgrade Brawlers
    • 4. Power Points are specific to each Brawler, similar to Cards on Clash Royale. You must collect them to upgrade your Brawlers, improving their skills.
    • 5. Once you have enough Force Points to the specific Brawler you want to upgrade, you com complete the upgrade using Coins.


    Skins are aesthetic items that change to look on your Brawler. They can be purchased with Gems, Star Points, or obtained for free, depending on the skin.

    Some skins, usually the most expensive ones, feature unique victory animations, special effects, and sounds.


    Events are different "game modes" where you can play Brawl Stars.

    The game currently features 13 game modes, but you can't access all of them of the all. There is a rotation that chooses the game modes and battlefields, giving you up to 7 choices at the time. Each slot lasts 24 hours.

    From the 7 slots, 6 are filled with regular events:

    One slot is filled with a "special event" that happens only on weekends:

    Some events are no longer on the rotation:

    At last, the last event featured on the rotation is a regular one, but with Power Play.