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In Solo Showdown, Bull is a beast. A strategy for bull in solo showdown is simple. Start off with collecting boxes, since bull can 3 shot boxes pretty quickly. Then, you have two options: Play aggressive but smart, or play passively. To play aggressively, try roaming around and spotting enemies. Once you've found some, try using your surroundings to your advantage. Use bushes and walls to move towards your target since you don't have much range, and especially try to pin someone against the storm, they will have no choice but to come to you and get hopped by your shotgun in a few shots. To increase the effectiveness in this strategy, use your reload speed increase star power to finish off enemies when you are low, and also remember to use your healing gadget since it is crucial. The second strategy is passive. This is basically the same start, collecting a few cubes. Then, try to go to the middle area or around there and hide in a bush. Then, simply wait until someone gets close, and then obliterate them in a few shots with your shotgun. This is an effective strategy especially for bull with his high damage. Overall, these are some good strategies for bull in solo showdown.