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"Rico fires a burst of bullets that bounce off walls. His Super burst is a long barrage of bouncy bullets that pierce targets!"

Rico is a Super Rare very long-range Brawler with low health and moderate damage.


  1. 1. Attack: Bouncy Bullets
  2. 2. Super: Trick Shot
  3. 3. Gadget: Multiball Launcher
  4. 4. Star Powers
    1. 4.1. Super Bouncy
    2. 4.2. Robo Retreat
  5. 5. Strategies
  6. 6. Skins
    1. 6.1. Default
    2. 6.2. Loaded Rico
    3. 6.3. Popcorn Rico
    4. 6.4. Ricochet
    5. 6.5. Guard Rico

Attack: Bouncy Bullets

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |

"Rico's bullets bounce off walls, gaining range. They can hit enemies behind cover."

His main attack consists of a small burst of bullets that can bounce off of walls.

If the enemy is covered behind a wall, it is still possible to reach him by aiming at walls. His aim show exactly where the bullets will go after bouncing.

To make things even better, the bullets gain 1.67 tiles of additional range each time they bounce, making the bullet bouncing ability his main perk.

Super: Trick Shot

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |

"Rico fires a long burst of bullets that pierce through enemies and bounce off walls, gaining range."

His Super attack is quite similar to the regular one, with two differences: the range is extended to 13 tiles and the bullets no longer stop after hitting an enemy, it goes through and can hit other enemies.

Just as his main attack, the bullets also bounce off walls.

Gadget: Multiball Launcher

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |

"Rico blasts waves of bouncy bullets in all directions."

With this gadget Rico shoots out 2 waves of 8 bullets around him that bounces off walls and can hist multiple targets.

The first wave of bullets deals 640 damage to each projectile and the damage is cut in half to 320 on the second wave.

Each bullet can make damage a single target once, but it can still hit different targets causing additional damage.

Star Powers

Super Bouncy

"Rico's bullets, from attack and Super alike, get supercharged by their first bounce and deal +100 damage!"

The Star Power adds even more damage to the bullets: once the bullets bounce of a wall, it will travel faster em deal +80 damage.

Robo Retreat

"When Rico falls below 40% health, he runs 34% faster!"


Players who like to remain on the back of the map, playing hide and seek and acting as a support troop will enjoy this Brawler.
Tom 2 years ago
Use the bouncing ability to hit enemies hiding behind walls.
Tom 2 years ago
Because of the bouncing ability, he is quite useful on Heist. You can easily target enemies hiding behind walls, something very common on this game mode. On offense, once the wall of protection is destroyed, you can hit the safe from a very long distance.
Tom 2 years ago



Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |

Loaded Rico

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |
Loaded Rico is available on the shop for 150 Gems

Popcorn Rico

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |
Popcorn Rico is available on the shop for 150 Gems


Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |
Last Brawlidays Gift before 2020: 0 Gems

Guard Rico

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Super Rare | Rico |
150 Gems