"Gene uses his magic lamp to shoot a splitting projectile. His super is a magical hand that grabs and pulls enemies close!"

Gene is a medium-range Mythic Brawler with a moderate amount of health and high damage. He uses his Magic Lamp to cast his attacks.


  1. 1. Attack: Smoke Blast
  2. 2. Super: Magic Hand
  3. 3. Gadget: Lamp Blowout
  4. 4. Star Power
    1. 4.1. Magic Puffs
    2. 4.2. Spirit Slap
  5. 5. Skins
    1. 5.1. Default Gene Skin
    2. 5.2. Pirate Gene Skin

Attack: Smoke Blast

Brawlers: Mythic | Gene

"Gene shoots a solid ball of magical smoke from his lamp. If the ball doesn't hit a target, it splits up and spreads the damage in a cone."

His main attack is a medium-range ball with moderate damage. If the ball doesn't hit any enemy or obstacle, after a certain distance it will split into 6 smaller projectiles, opening as a cone. The damage is also split equally between them.

Super: Magic Hand

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Gene | Gene Super Magic Hand

"Gene launches a magical hand from his lamp. If the hand hits an enemy, they get pulled back to Gene's location!"

His Super Attack is quite unique but not always useful: a long-ranged "hand" that will pull the enemy closer and stun for half a second. The "hand" can even go through obstacles, being extremely useful on "Gem and Grab".

Even though this sounds cool, it is not always useful as you might get into trouble by pulling short-range Brawlers with high damage, like Bull, Shelly, and Darryl.

Gadget: Lamp Blowout

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Gene |

"All enemies close to Gene are instantly pushed back. Gene also restores 700 health."

With this Gadget Gene heals for 700 health and pushes away all enemies close by, similar to EMZ's Gadget.

Star Power

Magic Puffs

"Gene heals all friendly Brawlers around him for 400 health per second."

His Star Power is very simple: all friendly Brawlers near him will be healed 400 health per second.

Spirit Slap

"When Gene's Super is fully charged he does +300 damage with his attack."


Default Gene Skin

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Gene |

Pirate Gene Skin

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Mythic | Gene |
80 Gems