Brawlers: Legendary | Amber

"Amber has always been a firebug. She loves to light up the world and any opponents that come at her!"


  1. 1. Attack: Dragon's Breath
  2. 2. Super: Torch 'Em!
  3. 3. Gadgets
    1. 3.1. Fire Starter
  4. 4. Star Powers
    1. 4.1. Wild Flames
    2. 4.2. Scorchin' Siphon

Attack: Dragon's Breath

"Amber blows a flaming inferno at her opponents. It looks awesome, but watch out or you'll get seared!"

Super: Torch 'Em!

"Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid that she can then light up with her firebreathing. Bushes and opposing Brawlers will be toast! (One flask at a time!)"


Fire Starter

"Amber runs fast for 3.0 seconds while spilling her fire fluid, which she can then ignite."

Star Powers

Wild Flames

"Amber can have two fuel puddles on the ground simultaneously and she will recharge her Super automatically when standing near one."

Scorchin' Siphon

"While being near a puddle of fire fluid, Amber uses it to reload her firebreathing 50% faster."