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"Piper's sniper shots do more damage the farther they travel. Her Super drops grenades at her feet, while Piper herself leaps away!"


  1. 1. Attack: Gunbrella
  2. 2. Super: Poppin'
  3. 3. Gadgets
    1. 3.1. Auto Aimer
    2. 3.2. Homemade Recipe
  4. 4. Star Powers
    1. 4.1. Ambush
    2. 4.2. Snappy Sniping
  5. 5. Strategies
  6. 6. Piper
    1. 6.1. Default Piper Skin
    2. 6.2. Pink Piper
    3. 6.3. Cavalera Piper
    4. 6.4. Cupid Piper

Attack: Gunbrella

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |

"Piper fires a sniper shot from the tip of her parasol. The shot gains more oompf the farther it flies!"

Super: Poppin'

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |

"Piper hops away to avoid pushy suitors. She leaves them a lady's favor though: live grenades from her garter!"


Auto Aimer

Brawlers: Epic | Piper

"Piper pops a defensive shot at the closet enemy, dealing 100 damage, while also pushing them back and slowing them down."

With this gadget Piper shoots out 4 small projectiles, each one deals 400 damage. The range is just over 6 tiles.

Be careful to not attack while using this gadget or it will actually interrupt this ability.

Homemade Recipe

Brawlers: Epic | Piper

On activation, Piper's next main attack will home in on enemies.

This Gadget helps Piper to hit their enemies. The projectile will "bend" as it moves towards the enemy, making it much easier to hit the enemy.

Even though this sounds amazing, the curve is not really high and you can still miss the shot.

Star Powers


"Piper's attack deals +800 extra damage (at max range) when she's hidden in a bush."

Snappy Sniping

"When Piper hits an enemy with her attack, she reloads 0.3 ammo instantly."


She is a true sniper. Not that easy to hit the enemies, but for those with good aiming she is amazing.
/> Tom 3 years ago
Because of the nature of her weapon and the fact she makes less damage to close enemies, she is probably the worst Brawler on Showdown to most players. Unless you have extremely good aiming skills, you will have a hard time playing with her on this game mode.
/> Tom 3 years ago


Default Piper Skin

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |

Pink Piper

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |
500 Star Points

Cavalera Piper

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |
80 Gems

Cupid Piper

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Piper |
150 Gems