Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |

"Bea loves bugs and hugs. She shoots her mechanical drones at range, and her Super sends forth an angry army of swarming bees!"

Bea in an entomologist and Rose's assistant.


  1. 1. Attack: Big Sting
  2. 2. Super: Iron Hive
  3. 3. Gadget: Honey Molasses
  4. 4. Star Powers
    1. 4.1. Insta Beeload
    2. 4.2. Honey Coat
  5. 5. Skins
    1. 5.1. Default
    2. 5.2. Ladybug Bea

Attack: Big Sting

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |

"Bea sends out a long range shot that, upon landing, supercharges her next shot to deal epic damage!"

Her main attack is special: she needs to heat her target so the next hit gets stronger.

She has a sniper attack that uses Bea helper drones as bullets.

Super: Iron Hive

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |

"Bea deploys a swarm of drones that move and turn like jets. They slow down any opponents caught in their path."

On her Super Attack, she fires a swarm of bees that can go through walls and slows and poisons her enemies.

Gadget: Honey Molasses

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |

"Bea drops a beehive with a splash of sticky honey around it. The honey slows down enemies that step in it."

This Gadget drops a beehive with 1,000 health that splashes honey and slows enemies that touch it.

It has a 3 tiles radius and can affect Brawlers behind walls.

It stays in place until it's destroyed or another beehive is deployed.

Star Powers

Insta Beeload

"Instantly supercharge Bea's Big Sting one time if she misses a supercharged shot."

Honey Coat

"Bea escapes certain defeat with 1 health, and gains a momentary shield once per match."



Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |

Ladybug Bea

Brawl Stars | Brawlers: Epic | Bea |
30 Gems