New Gadget Sneak Peek: Dynamike's Satchel Charge

    Hello Brawlers! The new Gadget for the Brawler Dynamike was revealed by Supercell and will be available on the game pretty soon, so let's find out what it is all about!

    Satchel Charge Explained

    When Dynamike activates this Gadget his next attack will stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

    This Gadget can be used three times per match.

    Once it is activated, there is no way to deactivate and you must use it.

    When activated, a "halo" appears over Dynamike's head and the attack joystick will blink red.

    The stun effect, just as Dynamike's main attack, makes splash damage and will affect all enemy Brawlers inside the attack radius.

    Strategies and Usage

    With the capability of stunning enemies for 1.5 seconds, you will make them "freeze" for a short period of time, making a very easy target for the second attack.

    A well succeeded Satchel Charge attack will undoubtedly result in an easy kill.

    It's recommended to activate the Gadget only when you are ready to use, as the enemies can see the halo over your head and be prepared.