New Gadget Sneak Peek: Barley's Herbal Tonic

    Hello Brawlers! The new Gadget for the Brawler Barley was revealed by Supercell and will be available on the game pretty soon, so let's find out what it is all about!

    Herbal Tonic Explained

    Barley's newest Gadget is Herbal Tonic, which can be used 3-times per match. When Barley activates this Gadget, he throws a healing potion to his location and the nearby allies' location.

    This potion heals 500 health per second for 5 seconds, with a total of 2.500 health for each teammate that stays inside the potion the whole time.

    Once the Brawler gets inside, it takes a second to start healing. If the Brawler leaves the area before completing one second, he will not heal, so if the Brawler remains inside the potion for half a second, he will not get any health.

    Before activation make sure friendly Brawlers are inside the Gadget's radius so they will get their Herbal Tonic. Stacking potions, in case all brawlers are close together, will not increase the healing as they don't stack.

    The range is slightly bigger than Barley's regular attack but shorter than his Super attack.

    Strategies and Usage

    Herbal Tonic is more effective in area control games, such as Hot Zone, Heist, and Gem Grab. This Gadget benefits all friendly Brawlers and helps to control a specific area of the map.

    On the other hand, this Gadget is not recommended on solo Showdown, as its value will decrease since it will not be able to support any friendly Brawler, so Sticky Syrup Mixer will be a better option.