New Gadget Sneak Peek: Bo's Tripwire

    Hello Brawlers! The new gadget for the Brawler Bo was revealed by Supercell and will be available on the game pretty soon, so let's find out what it is all about!


    This new Gadget allows Bo to manually activates its Super, the "Catch a Fox" landmines.

    This Gadget can be used 3 times on each match and doesn't have minimum range, so it can be activated at any time, unless Bo is dead and has not respawn yet.


    • Experienced players can easily activate the mines and runaway before the explosion. With this Gadget, you can instantly explode the mines, giving no time to them to run away;
    • You can throw the mines directly on the enemies and activate immediately, they will not have to to run away;
    • The radius of the explosion is larger than the radios of the landmines activation, therefore you can hit enemies without them knowing the landmine is about to explode;
    • You can activate the mines to destroy walls and bushes
    • You can activate the mines to cause damage to the Vault on Heist game mode;

    Activation Time

    When Bo throws the landmines, it takes a very short of period of time be activated: once they hit the ground, they are visible to the enemies; after a short time, they become transparent to your team and invisible to the enemy team.

    When this happens, you can use the new gadget and activate them manually.

    However, there is something quite interesting here: Bo launches 3 landmines, but the 2 from the bottom are activated earlier than the third on the top.

    This can be used to your advantage when destroying walls. You can use the bottom mines to do this and keep the third one to eventually hit the enemies.